The Ladies Room Consignment

Consignment is not just an easy way to make extra money, it also helps make the environment more sustainable


We can all relate to having clothes in our closet we no longer wear. Maybe the pieces of clothing no longer fit or your style evolved over time. Maybe you inherited some clothes from a family member or you purchased something on impulse that doesn’t match the rest of your wardrobe. Whatever the reason, we have all been there. If you have quality clothing you don’t know what to do with, we can turn your designer castoffs into spending money. We accept a large variety of clothing and accessories for consignment, including many designer brands, vintage finds, and modern fashion pieces. Take inventory of your closet and see what you have that you no longer need. Then, head over to The Ladies Room and we will help you earn some extra cash.

Why Choose Consignment?

Have you ever looked through your closet and come across an item that made you pause and think “This is beautiful and I love it, but…

  • I will never fit into this again
  • This color does not complement my skin tone
  • I will never wear this again
  • I’ve owned this for months and the tags are still on it
  • As an impulse buy, this does not fit my style or lifestyle
  • I inherited this. What do I do with it?

If you have had any of these thoughts, consignment is for you.

How Does Consignment Work?

Consignment works a little differently at The Ladies Room because we don’t care about the age or brand of the garment. We look for clothing that is trendy, cute, and stylish. We offer up to a 50/50 consignment division on a 60 or 90 day contract. We will consign up to 15 items at a time. After 60/90 days, we will either donate the unsold items or allow you to come pick them up and take the garments home with you.

When you bring a selection of clothes to the boutique, we will look at the pieces and pick out the items we believe our customers will appreciate. We cannot consign every item we see because we have to consider the personal taste of our clientele. Our customers’ preferences are our guide for selecting items to consign. In addition, we base prices on supply and demand. Our mission, however, is to get you the best price possible.

As part of the consignment process, we ask that all items that are brought to us are clean and on hangers. We cannot accept items that are dirty, wrinkled, or in bags. Each appointment, you can bring 15 items. However, you are welcome to make multiple appointments. We then write up a contract. You will need to write down the name of the brand, a description of the garment, and the original amount you paid for the garment. Later in the day, we will send you an email defining the selling price of the pieces. Please note that the selling price may not be the final price since we occasionally have promotions and sales.

When the 60 or 90 day contract ends, it is your responsibility to follow up with us about the consignment.

Steps on How to Consign with us

If you have 15 items, you will need to make an appointment. You can call us to make an appointment at 630-613-9593 or email us at

If you have fewer than 15 items, you can walk in without an appointment. Our hours are Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. 

The Ladies Room Consignment Boutique Season In-Take Schedule

Sign up here to become a VIP consignor. As a VIP consignor you will receive the following benefits.


If you don’t have the ability to come into the boutique because you have too many items that you need us to look at, we also have an in-home consignment option. With in-home consignment, we come to you. However, there are a few caveats.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about consignment. We will do our best to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.