When clothes fit the way they should, you look more stylish and feel more confident. At the Ladies Room, we can alter and tailor most garments.

Alterations and Tailoring for Both Women and Men

Our team of tailors are experts with a needle. With high-quality alterations, your clothes will fit you better, accentuating the beauty of the clothes. We love a challenge, so if you have a tough alteration project, we would love the chance to help you find a solution.

We offer standard alterations such as shortening hemlines, cuffs, zippers, corsets, sleeves, and patches. We can also provide alterations for bridal dresses, suits, and tuxedos.  Stop into the shop and we will transform your articles of clothing into the statement pieces they were meant to be.


Our Alteration Services

  • The tailor measures you to achieve precision and accuracy
  • We now accept bridal dresses for alteration
  • We can re-cut or re-size your old clothes
  • We accept alterations for men’s pants and suit jackets, as well as women’s blazers, suit pants, and skirts.





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